Hiromi is a blast! – part 1

I am writing the first part of this post while waiting for Hiromi’s concert at Jazz Alley, in Seattle, WA. I discovered Hiromi’s music in 2004, by chance, while browsing CD’s at a Barnes & Noble store in Bellevue, WA. At that time, she had just released her second album, Brain. I put the headphones on and started playing. And it was a blast! I immediately bought the CD and enjoyed it ever since. I kept following her work as a soloist and in various group settings. Her concert with Stanley Clarke few months ago at Jazz Alley was simply unbelievable. I rarely saw that kind of energy on a jazz stage, and judging from Mr. Clarke’s eyes I was not the only one in amazement. Tonight’s concert will start in 45 minutes or so, and I am so excited. If you like jazz, energy, creativity, improvisation, check Hiromi’s work at her website (requires Flash) or Concord. You won’t regret it…

4 thoughts on “Hiromi is a blast! – part 1

  1. Thanks for this suggestion. She plays with an incredible energy. Whe’s coming to Italy in July but I’ll be not able to attend to a live concert, but now she’s definitely on my radar!

  2. I’ll be in Cesena on 30/06 and 01/07 visiting a customers. I need more time for planning but I’ll try another time she’ll be around!

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