about me

What would be our life without music? Well, I can’t tell, because as far back as I can remember music has been part of my life. I guess I have to thank my Dad for that. No matter what, we always had some device playing music at our place: radio, “filodiffusione” (a cable radio service, popular in Italy in the 60’s and 70’s), radio-phonograph, hi-fi system(s), Philips K7… I grew up listening to all kinds of pop, rock, jazz music, and some classical as well.

I have always been fascinated by technology and its applications. From mechanics to electronics to software, I spent unordered amounts of time reading, experimenting, dreaming about technology, until I found the way to express my creativity through the magic of software.

Since that remote time when I wrote my first Fortran program, I have been helping many businesses meeting their goals through innovative software solutions, and I have been teaching thousands of individuals to design and build software solutions, mostly focusing on Microsoft technologies.

My strongest skills and passion are data modeling and relational databases design and implementation, as well as smoothly extending the relational model to embrace unstructured or semi-structured data and non-SQL-based information discovery.

Since mid-2003 I live in Redmond, WA (USA), and work at Microsoft Corp. where I am a Principal Solution Manager with the Microsoft IT department.

The Pacific Northwest is a gorgeous region. Marvelous lakes, mountains, vulcans, ocean, forests, flowers, wild animals, scenic trails have been a big stimulus for me to resume biking and skiing, after many years of inactivity.

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