Hiromi is a blast! – part 3

Back home, after spending the evening at Jazz Alley with Hiromi, with Anthony Jackson on contrabass guitar, and the amazing Steve Smith on drums. Two incredible sets of beautiful music, unstoppable energy, complex improvisation, and flawless execution.

Hiromi’s music talks straight to my heart. Her solos tonight were stunning, from an exhilarating interpretation of Gershwin’s “I’ve Got Rhythm” in the first set, to a moving rendition of her tune “Haze” in the second set.

Thanks Hiromi, Anthony, and Steve for an unforgettable night.

Hiromi is a blast! – part 1

I am writing the first part of this post while waiting for Hiromi’s concert at Jazz Alley, in Seattle, WA. I discovered Hiromi’s music in 2004, by chance, while browsing CD’s at a Barnes & Noble store in Bellevue, WA. At that time, she had just released her second album, Brain. I put the headphones on and started playing. And it was a blast! I immediately bought the CD and enjoyed it ever since. I kept following her work as a soloist and in various group settings. Her concert with Stanley Clarke few months ago at Jazz Alley was simply unbelievable. I rarely saw that kind of energy on a jazz stage, and judging from Mr. Clarke’s eyes I was not the only one in amazement. Tonight’s concert will start in 45 minutes or so, and I am so excited. If you like jazz, energy, creativity, improvisation, check Hiromi’s work at her website (requires Flash) or Concord. You won’t regret it…